Many people think editing and proofreading are synonyms, two different words meaning the same. Actually, both editing and proofreading are types of correcting a text but with different approaches. Still, it is easy to confuse what exactly is the difference between the two editorial services. As a result, many clients are not sure which solution is more suitable for their content.

We don’t need more reasons to explain how is editing different from proofreading. Let’s find out!

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the lightest level of editing. When a text is proofread, it is checked for correct formatting, basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

The proofreader goes through the text to eliminate all the surface errors and make sure the formatting is consistent and according to the requirements.

The aim of proofreading is to transform a good text into a ready for publication material with no mistakes. This is the final check of a text before it is introduced to the audience.

What is editing?

Editing includes proofreading and adds on an in-depth review of the text. The editor ensures the writing is top quality: well-structured, logical, consistent, clear, and informative as per the purpose of the writing.

To improve the overall quality of the text, the editor makes different changes, including removing unnecessary words, replacing misused words and phrases with more appropriate ones, balancing the passive and active voice use, and resizing and restructuring sentences or paragraphs.

The aim of editing is to transform not-so-good writing or a draft into a consistent text with clear expression and perfect structure that will have the intended impact on the readers.

editing and proofreading activities

Both editing and proofreading may require checking different sources for additional information

Which service is more suitable for my business?

Depending on your content strategy, internal resources and the level of importance of the texts, you may need proofreading or editing services.

You need a proofreading service if you are confident your texts are flawless in expression and you just need to make sure they are error-free.

You need an editing service if you want to improve the language use, style, and the overall quality of the texts.

Even if you are not sure which service is more appropriate for your business, we are here to help. Check out the detailed descriptions of our services and reach out to discuss your business.

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