Many industries are already in crisis due to the world pandemic situation. Despite the difficulties we all face, communicating with your audience can remain unaffected.

Staying connected to your customers in these challenging times is essential to keep or even improve the communication and trust you already established with your audience.

Today, content is even more important than yesterday. Audiences that did not pay that much attention to content are now looking for it. People have more time to read, watch, and listen to content.

But how to make the best out of the situation and stay relevant?

1. Adapt

In the past few months, we saw numerous brands shifting their focus to fight the crisis with different approaches. For instance, some fashion brands started producing protective face masks, showing how fast they can adapt to the new situation.

Other successful business models were not prepared for the growth they faced. All the pharmacy-related product providers and home delivery services faced massive growth in terms of inquiries. They had to adapt quickly and be able to supply the customers timely.

Not every business can react as fast. Still, we saw smaller, but positive and effective changes that many industries apply. For example, language school International House Sofia moved all their lessons online pretty fast. Many theaters and museums started providing online experiences, including workshops to keep the youngsters busy.

Coronavirus challenges

Parents face new challenges in the times of coronavirus

2. Stay relevant

Following the content calendar you have planned before the virus is a bad strategy. The coronavirus won’t go away if you pretend it is not there. Ignoring a serious matter is never a popular marketing strategy. People care about relevant and useful information.

So, reschedule what you have planned and create the content that your followers need right here, right now. How does the pandemic affect your world, do you work remotely, do you suffer loses, what you, as a company, have in common with the readers or viewers – there are plenty of topics to explore.

eBag introduced a new series of Instagram posts with hashtag #справямесезаедно (#wehandlethistogether) presenting their employees equipped with masks and describing the efforts they put into their everyday work. With the series, eBag is able to touch more than one relevant topics:

  • get closer to the clients by showing them what happens behind the scene
  • reassure the clients that they work in accordance with the health measures
  • and last, but not least, they show appreciation for their employees by saying “thank you”
Girl shopping at the time of coronavirus

Shopping happens differently in the times of coronavirus

3. Engage the audience

Think of how your brand can make things easier for the customers, or at least entertain them in a creative way. Staying optimistic and practical in a difficult situation is what many of us need right now.

IKEA is doing just that by launching a new campaign with a separate website related to how much time we now spend on balconies. Participants have to post photos on how they use their balconies these days in order to win some balcony furniture and additional surprises. The game is relevant, fun, and engaging. Plus, there is a prize.

You may not be as big as IKEA or able to provide furniture for the winner, but you probably can create an entertaining initiative for your audience. Using a fun competition to laugh out the situation can work both for your audience and employees.

For example, some brands introduce photo challenges related to the stay-at-home situation.


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