Welcome to our first content marketing roundup which includes the most interesting publications for content marketing professionals in May 2020.

We read them all, so you don’t have to.

This is the extended version of our mid-May roundup.

The need for content marketing

Let’s start with the basics. If you need to convince your colleagues or boss in the superpowers of content marketing, here is what Contently’s The Content Strategist has to say on the matter revealing 4 Steps That Will Help You Sell Content Marketing to Your Boss.

Dave Endsor, head of content at PR, SEO and social media agency Tank, discussed the tactics to employ when creating practical and powerful blogs.

Covid-19 and content marketing

In this challenging time, we stumbled upon many COVID-19 content marketing articles. Here is probably the most high-ranked in terms of source and author. 8 Things to Help Your Content Marketing Survive the Pandemic by Joe Pulizzi gives plenty of ideas and relevant advice on how to proceed with your content, focus on your true audience, and rethink your social media channels.

Also, here is a 46-pages free guide on how marketers will survive the pandemic, by the one and only Joe Pulizzi.

No matter what effect COVID-19 has on your business and content, the thing is Google has never seen as many searches as it has for content related to COVID-19. Check out this Search Engine Land’s publication to find out more details.

Finally, Contently gives an answer to the big question: Should I Mention the Coronavirus in My Content?

pandemic content marketing

The pandemic changes the game!


You must check out the 10 Biggest Content Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2020 to learn how to use them. This interesting read confirms that content marketing will get even more important and that video will be a leader in 2020.

SEO and optimizing content

It is always interesting to hear experts discuss content and SEO. Marketing strategist Aaron Friedman discusses content generation ideas and do small things in SEO matter in this 15-minute interview.

Here is an interesting on-page SEO case study on Moz explaining how a team ranked a single page for 2.6K keywords driving 30K monthly searches.

Writing content on laptop

Writing content must follow many rules to be successful in 2020.

More about written content

When experts talk about optimizing content for search engines, it is always Google that gets the spot. On the other hand, Bing has a strong market share and deserves your attention, as well. Do you know what factors to consider when writing for a variety of search engines? Content Marketing Manager Hannah Stevenson walks us through the specifics in this Search Engine Watch’s publication.

… and some Grammar

The Content Marketing Institute advises: Stop with the Overused and Incorrect Words in Your Writing!

Another interesting read is questioning the correct spelling of common terms and will be interesting for everyone who is writing content. What is correct according to you – “internet” or “Internet?”

Find out in this publication by Search Engine Journal.

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