Social media became a must for many businesses years ago. At first, some were reluctant to be online and didn’t understand how this could help their profit. Today, everyone knows how important it is to be present on social media for any business.

However, just being on social media will gain you nothing if you don’t have the proper strategy, or if you’re not present on the right media channel.

The most common mistake we see is that brands get involved with all social media networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and lately, TikTok. Even worse, they post the same content across their profiles. Let’s fix that!

How many social media accounts should I use?

Some big companies have large audiences and being present on all social media channels comes naturally. However, if you haven’t made it there yet, maintaining several social media channels is probably not necessary. Plus, it is exhausting!

It is much better to focus on one or two channels and create great content for them, rather than investing the time to post across five channels.

Instagram social media presence

If Instagram works best for you, should you invest time in the other platforms?

Which are the best social media channels for my business?

Analyze the results so far

If you are already present on the most popular channels, you can easily analyze your performance and find out what works best for you. The number of followers, likes, or shares is a good indication. If you have 10 000 page likes on Facebook and just around 1000 followers on Twitter, then probably your audience prefers Facebook.

Just starting?

The audience already selected the right channel for your business. You just need to know your audience and be where they are! If you make products for the younger demographics, Instagram and Snapchat are most likely a good choice. Twitter and Facebook, on the other hand, have a larger user base.

Local characteristics

Social media are used differently across the world. Instagram is one of the leading platforms, but 80% of its user base is outside the USA, so you should probably select another platform if you are targeting US audiences.

In Bulgaria, for instance, Facebook is the most popular platform for everything and businesses are usually making the right choice to maintain their Facebook pages.

Do your homework and know your niche and market. This is how you’ll determine where to focus when it comes to social networks.

Facebook is a leading platform in Bulgaria

Facebook is a leading platform in Bulgaria

Content for all social media channels

Maintaining several social media channels is difficult enough, but delivering separate posts or all of them is also hard. If you focus on fewer social media accounts, you’ll have more time to improve your content. Copy pasting the same pictures, text, or links everywhere is no good.

But creating similar content and adapting your content for two different channels is another thing. Instagram is good for images, TikTok – for short videos, while links work great on Facebook. If you choose to be present on two platforms, make the content between them corresponds and follows your intentions.


Need more social media tips?

We would love to help. Contact us to review your social media efforts and create a content marketing strategy for your business!

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