When most of us think about User Experience (UX), we usually focus on the design or the technical side of a product. But hey, your content has a UX side too, and an important one! Poor UX design is the easiest way to drive the audience away.

Delivering text, visuals, audio, or video in the right UX manner is essential to properly introduce your ideas and reach the audience. Here is what you should be careful about.

UX for written content

Forgetting about the UX side of written content is a common mistake these days. If an article is difficult to read it becomes difficult to process. Ultimately, the reader will just move to the next one.

Texts must be clear, consistent, and well-structured. Make sure you follow the simple rules below:

  • Use short and clear sentences
  • Apply the same formatting and style to all your written materials
  • Separate your thoughts into paragraphs with different headings
  • Use bullets and numbering when applicable 

    Poor Content UX

    Poorly presented written content can drive readers away

UX for audio and video content

When it comes to audio or video, quality is one of the most essential parts of the content UX. The success of your podcast depends on the quality of your audio. No matter how interesting your guests are, the listeners will not return if it is difficult to understand what you are saying.

Video in 2020 requires much more than it used to just a couple of years ago. Here are the two main directions you need to follow:

Include text and subtitles

The most successful videos now contain a mix of animation, music, and text, in addition to the fine cutting of the raw material. Add visuals between segments, title them, and get creative!

Including subtitles to your video is also a must. Many users tend to watch videos in silent modes and would skip yours if there are no subtitles.

Video content marketing

Just filming a video is not nearly enough to provide a fine UX product

Make shorter videos

Length is also crucial as users prefer shorter videos. In 2020, less is more when it comes to length. Separate your ideas into two or three shorter videos to get more watches. This way you will also generate more content.


Here at Contento, we are on a mission to make it easy for people to consume your content.

This is the way to bring more traffic to your website and boost your sales.

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